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Brian Bubash

NameBrian Bubash
How Long Stunt RidingProfessional Stuntriding for 4 Years
Stunt Bikes2004 GSXR 600
ModificationsHohey top triple, Hohey four piston hand break mount, Hohey rearsets, Vortex chain,sprockets, and clipons Cheetah racing plastics, Freestyle ingenuity crash cage.
LocationPittsburg, Pa

How long have you been riding, and at what point did you begin stunting?
Since I was 2, but got my first bike in aug 2004, brand new stock 04 gsxr 600

What skills have you had to pick up out of necessity to stay in the game that in no way pertain to riding a motorcycle?
Confidence is the biggest one, I seen a lot of riders quit after seeing someone outride them. You got to use that as fuel to get better.

Stunt riding seems to be synonymous with traveling. What’s the most outrageous thing/incident you’ve seen/had happen on the road?
On the way home from a show some female fans driving by us showed us a thing or two and it wasn’t a wheely!

What stunt in your bag of tricks has been the hardest fought?
Acrobatics in general. I hate em.

Do you do anything aside from ride the wheels off of your motorcycle(s) to condition yourself to ride?
I workout 3-4 days a week, it helps so much being in better shape than your competition.

Is there a stunt that stands out right now as just the most fun you can have on a motorcycle?

What are your interests outside of riding?
Family and Friends.

What is the worst hardship/or sacrifice you’ve had to make to stay in the game?
Being broke, I know im gonna make it riding but if you don’t dedicate yourself you cant be #1, so a 9-5 is not my thing.

Who are your favorite stunters to watch and why?
Starboyz- all of them, so I can steal their tricks lol.

Coming up on the horizon for you- shows, videos, stunt riding domination of your city/state/country/planet –What are you looking forward to?
Everyone saying (man you’re the sickest rider ive ever seen).

Tell us about the people that keep you going, be they sponsors or even friends and family.
My mom has her doubts but what do you expect, and my dad use to let me do donuts in his 4 speed blazer when I was 6 so he did this to me. They are both supportive. In my friends eyes im the man on 2 wheels which feels good.

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