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Full feature action sports documentary…….60 min DVD + bonus footage.


SUBTITLES: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch & German.

A Michael Pollack Film

Untouchable follows Superbike Freestyle’s newest star, Jorian Ponomareff from France, as he travels the entire globe training with the the most elite riders in every country. Award winning director Michael Pollack delivers his best work with this cinematic action sport documentary featuring the most progressive and innovative riding in sportbike history. Travel through France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Romania & all over The United States with the best riders on the planet including: Chris Pfeiffer, AC Farias, Stunter 13, Darius Khashabi, Narcis Roca, Razerback, Krazy Kyle Rapport, Mokus, Le Marseillais, Javi Almazan, Tigroo, Coaster Ben, Insane J & many more. This is the story of Jorian Ponomareff.

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